Jiangsu tv dating game

Audiences can catch a good glimpse of today’s Chinese young people’s ideas about love and marriage, their values and their states of life, especially those of the 1980s and 1990s generation.

Besides, in terms of audience rating, has increased its TV audience share since it was rst launched, beating all record ratings.

3S means ‘single, seventies (1970s) and stuck.’ Xiao Zhao is a 35-year-old manager of an independent micro-company who earns good money and enjoys a colourful life.

Every weekend one of her most favourite ways to relax is to watch the TV programme (《非诚勿扰》).

See Evans, The 2011 amendment changed provisions for the handling of property in case of divorce.

According to the amended law, housing bought by either spouse (or their families) before the marriage may stay with the original owner in case of divorce.

is the creative design of the programme format and the new images.

In today’s society of sensual appeal and over-advertisement, it is no surprise to see that most people welcome this new programme design of 24 beautiful single women on the stage showing their beauty and wisdom, as well as their different personalities and tastes.

Informants, on the other hand, articulate their feelings in terms of family responsibility and pursue marriages that, while based on choice, may also ensure financial stability and parental approval.

Dressing variously, they come from different family backgrounds and of different professions such as the beautiful model Na Di (那笛), the business executive Shen Si (沈思), the academic elite Zhang Xiaochen (张晓晨) and the sports champion Xu Yaping (许亚萍).

These girls ask direct questions, make pungent comments, and even argue violently with the host and observers, all of which make the programme more interesting and entertaining.

For some inquiries on the administration of Chinese television see: , p. People engaged to be married may engage in premarital sex, but they hide their intimate relationships from their parents. ‘The girls who are keen to get married’ in Stafford, Charles (ed.).

The charge of immorality/irresponsibility is even more common in the case of sexual intercourse among people who are not engaged. The importance of sexual fulfilment was not denied within the Maoist ideal of companionate marriage, but was downplayed as less important than other aspects of conjugality and subsumed to the social and collective aims of marriage.

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