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Even if you don't believe in "evolution", society, and circumstances around us evolve constantly.If it was at one point in our nature to be a non-monogamous species, it certainly is counter productive to human evolution these days. I am not religious myself, but that is a cop-out.....blame it on the establishment.We are not, by nature, a "manogamous" or "womanogamous" being.It wasn't until the introduction of religion that everything became all screwed up (sorry bout the pun).Seems the search for a perfect man continues during the marriage and,at the expense of the marriage.

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: Quote: It was also acceptable to like little boy's and that was encouraged, so what the ****??? sicko bastages (im not condone this any way, i won't stand for this type of thing, so don't jump down my throat) its just what he said makes it sound like rainbows and lollipop's but the huge omissions, maybe some bearing on the rest of the story might have some insight into what was wrong with these people, you make it sound like they had it all figured [email protected] Back in the old times, of free love, as a previous poster put it, had few if any consequences.Perhaps that should be one criteria we consider before actually taking the plunge.I resent the statement "That perfect guy isn't out there, he's married off already"I, for one, am perfect and not married (or gay).However, I do believe that it is only fair that if one partner is getting some on the side, so should the other.I don't believe it's right when it's done behind the other's back.

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